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Construction, legalisation of properties, certificate of habitation

Construction, legalisation of properties, certificate of habitation

In the last years people have decided to built their own houses in Spain, like in Alicante, Costa Blanca, Murcia, Costa Cálida, Almería, Málaga, Costa del Sol, Granada, etc. Once they have entered in the complicate but exciting process to build their Spanish properties, looking for a “place in the sun”, they have found that it is too complicate and difficult to carry out without the service of a qualified legal Spanish lawyers.

In TLAcorp we have a skilled and expertise staff of Spanish solicitors specialized in Construction Law, including Architects and technical support. All of us with high level of  English and French.

Our team of Spanish lawyers TLAcorp represents the investors and owners who are involved in the construction process of their own Spanish properties. Also,  our legal company assists to those owners who may have legal disputes with the different builders or agents involved in the construction of their spanish properties.

Sometimes, the problem arrives when the owner of a Spanish property discovers that the construction is illegal, or a part of it.

In other cases, the problem is that the construction of the Spanish property  is not properly complete, or have construction defects, or with lack of legal paperwork  like the proper building license, or certificate of habitation, etc.

There are other cases in which the problem comes from the utility connections to the property such as water, electricity , gas, etc..

We have an extend experience dealing with a wide range of contentious Construction matters. These cases are usually multi-party actions that may involve claims for defects, delays  of  payments,  as well as claims related to performance of professional construction.

Our work includes all aspects of drafting, negotiation and completion of  building  and  construction contracts, professional appointments , redaction and control of documentation.


Our undoubted philosophy is to solve problems and disputes trying to  do not use  expensive and time consuming litigation, whether through settlement negotiations or alternative dispute resolution. However, if litigation is finally necessary, our team of Spanish lawyers will defend or prosecute your case with all the necessary vigour in order to protect your interests , including, when necessary, urgent applications to Court for conjunctive relief.

We are a company of Spanish lawyers expert in properties and in Construction Law. Our work is to assist legally to all our clients as  is essential in the process of construction from the same moment in which the idea of the project is defined. We cover a wide geographical area in all the Spanih South-East: Alicante, Costa Blanca, Murcia, Costa Cálida, Almería, Málaga, Costa del Sol, Granada, etc.

Our aim includes to assist the owners in Spain with problems or defects in the Constructions, or with defaults of documents like building license and certificate of habitation, etc..

Our services offered by TLAcorp  in Construction are the following:

  • Construction advice in all the process, from the acquisition of the land, untill the handing over of the keys.
  • Contracts with the different Agents and Builders, or with different private or public institutions.
  • Disputes and claiming against Builders, Architects, or neighboring occupiers over boundaries, rights of way or nuisance claims.
  • Legalization of illegal buildings.
  • Planning and environmental disputes.


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